FAMOUS URDU NOVELS: Kidnapping Based Romantic Urdu Novels List


Sunday, March 12, 2017

Kidnapping Based Romantic Urdu Novels List

Kidnapping is one of the most fascinating modern crimes in our society. It became an important social and judicial problem over the years. It has a larger social impact in a population. Girls kidnapping is most dangerous aspect of this crime. Kidnappers may often kidnap a girl for several reasons like revenge, social or political issues and money bargain which ruin their life.
In this novel list we are adding these novels which story based on kidnapping a girl and its impact on her future life. These are the stories of people (mostly youths) who were kidnapped or seriously abused. Kidnapping in stories often turns romantic once the victim realizes that the man had really good reasons for threatening her life and using her as a hostage or bargaining chip.
The fantastic thing about these novels that mixture of love and hate feelings which started from the hate and then turn into love. The heroes of these novels kidnapped the heroine for his personal reasons but inspired from her or feel guilt when he came to knew about her ruined life and marry with them and finally the story goes to a happy end.
If you know some more novels based on kidnapping plz inform us in comments below.

Kidnapping Based Romantic Urdu Novels List
11.               Zindgi khak na thi novel by Umme Maryam
12.               Ehsas e gunah novel by Nadia Ameen
13.               Woh ik lamha e mohabbat by Sumaira Shareef Toor
14.               Tu kia jane dil ka dard novel by Nazia Kanwal Nazi
15.               Ab mere ho ke raho novel by Durr e Suman Saleem
16.               Mery sahir se kaho by Umme Maryam
17.               Teri chahat mera asasa novel by Shazia Mustufa
18.               Pathron ki palkon pr by Nazia Kanwal Nazi
19.               Yehi pyaar hai novel by Shabana Sardar
20.               Khula dar mohabbat ka novel by Noreen Hanif
21.               Ana ka safar novel by Umme Maryam
22.               Tere dastaras mere darman by Mehwish Iftikhar
23.               Dil ne tanha jheeli rat novel by Lubna Jadoon
24.               Aisa ehle dil ho novel by Nabeela Aziz
25.               Pareet hamari reet novel by Lubna Jadoon
26.               Dhal gae sham e hijir novel by Sadaf Rehan
27.               Laagi tum se lagan by Humera Rubab.
28.               Tumhe wafa pukare novel by Muqadas Mashal
29.               Tere payar ki khushboo by Qamrosh Ashok
30.               Bikhry chahat kay rang novel by Nazia Mughal
31.               Kis qadar tujhe chahen by Sadia Abid
32.               Aik teri anaa ki khatir by Moona Safdar
33.               Tamana e dil by Nadia Fatima Rizvi
34.               Silsile roshni ke novel by Nabeela Abar Raja
35.               Tu hi mera saiban novel by Sadia Abid
36.                Mehandi ka rang khilny laga by Nabeela Abar Raja
37.               Shaam anchal main bandh li by Ayesha Siddiqa .
38.               Qandeel se hai jeewan mein roshni by Nadia Fatima
39.               Tere dastaras mere darman by Mehwish Iftikhar
40.               Chand lamhe chura len novel by Hina Malik
41.               Hawas ko hai nishat e kar kia by Subas Gul
42.               Kuch aur hay apny sajan mein novel by Umme Maryam
43.               Galey milta hai khwab koi by Mehwish Iftikhar
44.               Umeed e sehar novel by Sundas Jabeen
45.               Wafa ki rahguzar by Saba Javed
47.               Laagi lagan tujh se laagi novel by Saira Yameen Rao
48.               Dareecha e mohabbat by Samina Asaweer  
49.               Tair e lahoti novel by Riffat Siraj 
50.               Dar e dil novel by Nabeela Aziz Complete 
51.               Teri chah mein teri rah mein novel by Umme Maryam 
52.               Laagi tum se dil ki lagan novel by Shehnaz Siddique 
54.               Dil Diya Dehleez novel by Riffat Siraj. 
55.               Yeh kesi eid novel by Nabila Abar Raja 
56.               Tere ho ke rahen gay last part by Rehana Aftab 
57.               Tere ho ke rahen gay by Rehana Aftab Part 1
58.               Ik bar kaho tum meri ho novel by Aalia Hira
59.               Chand Gagan Aur Chandni By Iqra Sagher
60.               Dasht e dil by Rukh Chaudhary 
61.               Kali choorian novel by Nayab Jelani 
62.                Aseer e wafa novel by Umme Kalsoom
63.               Faisla dil ka novel by Subas Gul  


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