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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Man o salwa novel by Umaira Ahmed complete

Man o salwa novel by Umaira Ahmed complete

Man o salwa novel by Umaira Ahmed

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Man o salwa Urdu novel by Umaira Ahmed

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Zainab Zia aka Zaini is an extremely beautiful and pious girl who is deeply in love with her cousin and fiancé Sheraz.  She is the most obedient, loving and caring and religious daughter of a religious man who had always stuck to Rizq-e-Halal. He is a clerk in income tax department.
Sheraz is a young boy, who is doing preparation for CSS and is a very intelligent talented person. He doesn’t like his fiancé due to his poverty but never shows it to her and takes advantages of her love and caring. He don’t like her father moral values and spoke ill of her father and his "Rizq-e-Halal mania" Zainab is blind in his love that she can’t see his materialistic thinking. Sheraz passes the examination for the civil services with brilliant marks. In the lust of a higher social status he leaves Zainab and marries with Sheena who belongs to a very rich family. He ends his relation with Zainab by spreading rumors and false stories about her in the neighborhood. Zainab is really hurt with all this and realizing that poverty was the reason of her misery. She is caught up in a compulsive desire to earn as much money as she could in the shortest time possible. She plans to take revenge and start working as a model and later as a film star. Her father died with that shock and her mother kicked out her from the family but after some time due to financial problems they come back to her and she accept them and proves them the power of money. Zainab forgets the difference of Haram and Halal and gets involved in immoral activities.
Karam Ali is the boy of a poor family who is eldest in his siblings who is engaged with her cousin Arfa. Karam faces a lot of difficulties and hardships in different phases of life. He struggled very hard for the needs of his family. He was indeed very dutiful and protective of his family. Karam Ali was more than poor from Sheraz but unlike him, he never considered the possibility of doing it through unlawful means.
He went to Middle East for job and earns a lot of money but his family expends all of his earning. Later he met Shaukat who is an eccentric billionaire. Karam starts working with him. On his death, Shaukat leaves all his property for Karam. Now his family is getting rich and they don’t like their old relatives who are poor so they end his engagement with his fiancé Arfa whom he really loves. They arranged his marriage to Zari who is a very beautiful and too young to him.
Zari also from a poor family and has a desire to escape the clutches of poverty. She has a boyfriend Jamal but she leaves him due to wealth of Karam. When Karam gets to know the truth the she marries him due to financial shelter and also that his wife loves her boyfriend Jamal and she met with him after marriage, He divorce her and let her to be with Jamal and even gives her financial help. After some time Karam comes to know that Zari has become a hooker. She later gets killed by her greedy husband Jamal.
Karam Ali produces a film in which he offers to Zainab for a main role.  She signed the film and they meets for the first time. Zainab, upon meeting and spending time with Karam, begins to develop feelings of affinity for him and also gets to know that he is a huge fan and adorer of her. He neither take advantages of her nor is he bothered about the rumors regarding Parizaad spread in the entire industry. Zainab impressed with his attitude.
Sheraz is living an unhappy life with his wife because she treats him like a pet dog and he cannot even break up with her as he owes a lot of money to his father-in-law which he would have to repay in case of a divorce.  He came to know that Sheena was married before him and has a son. Her ex-husband comes to his home to meet her and Sheraz will have to keep his mouth close.
After some time Zainab happens to meet Sheraz once again and determined to take revenge. She called him in a guest house and involved him in a scandal. Sheraz have to go to police station and lost his social status. His wife Sheena divorces him and she, along with her father, leaves him to be as he is in the police station. All of his relatives refuse to help him. He requests Zainab to help him for the sake of her late father and Zainab gets him out.
Now Zainab is free from his revenge and she left the modeling and all other activities. She sold her father house and went to Canada. She starts living a life free of all sins. She works in a departmental store is own by Karam Ali. She meets Karam Ali but she ignored him. Karam Ali likes her and meets her several time and and they begin to spend time with each other and slowly develop a feeling of love for each other. He invites her to his home to meet with his mother but his but she insults and demeans her, forcing Zainab to leave the house. Karam get angry with his family due to their behavior and he claims that his mother and brother have used him just for amassing wealth to fulfill their needs and to uplift their social status. Karam leaves tormented in search of Zainab. And while looking for her, Karam finds all the things he had given her left at various points on a path that leads to her apartment. But by the time Karam reaches, Zainab had already committed suicide by jumping from the balcony.

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