Here is the complete links list of Pakistani Urdu monthly digest which are posted at Famous Urdu Novel.This list will be updated regularly.All these digests can be downloaded absolutely free.

  1. aanchal-digest-november-2009-pdf.html
  2. aanchal-digest-october-2013-pdf.html
  3. aanchal-digest-september-2013-pdf.html
  4. aanchal-digest-august-2013-pdf.html
  5. aanchal-digest-july-2013-pdf.html
  6. aanchal-digest-june-2013-pdf.html
  7. aanchal-digest-may-2013-pdf.html
  8. aanchal-digest-april-2013-pdf.html
  9. aanchal-digest-march-2013-pdf.html
  10. aanchal-digest-februry-2013-pdf.html 
  11. aanchal-digest-january-2013-pdf.html 
  12. aanchal-digest-december-2012-pdf.html 
  13. aanchal-digest-november-2012-pdf.html 
  14. aanchal-digest-octoober-2012-pdf.html 
  15. aanchal-digest-september-2012-pdf.html
  16. aanchal-digest-august-2012-pdf.html
  17. aanchal-digest-july-2012-pdf.html
  18. aanchal-digest-june-2012-pdf.html
  19. aanchal-digest-may-2012-pdf.html
  20. aanchal-digest-april-2012-pdf.html
  21. Aanchal-digest-march-2012-pdf.html 
  22. Aanchal-digest-february-2012-pdf.html
  23. Aanchal-digest-january-2012-pdf.html
  24. Aanchal-digest-december-2011-pdf.html
  25. Aanchal-digest-november-2011-pdf.html
  26. Aanchal-digest-october-2011-pdf.html
  27. Aanchal-digest-september-2011-pdf.html
  28. Aanchal-digest-august-2011-pdf.html
  29. Aanchal-digest-july-2011pdf.html
  30. Aanchal-digest-june-2011pdf.html
  31. Aanchal-digest-may-2011pdf.html
  32. Aanchal-digest-april-2011.html
  33. Aanchal-digest-march-2011pdf.html
  34. Aanchal-digest-feb-2011.html
  1. dar-digest-november-2013-pdf.html
  2. dar-digest-september-2013-pdf.html
  3. dar-digest-august-2013-pdf.html
  4. dar-digest-june-2013-pdf.html
  5. dar-digest-june-2013-pdf.html
  6. dar-digest-may-2013-pdf.html
  7. dar-digest-april-2013-pdf.html
  8. dar-digest-march-2013-pdf.html
  9. dar-digest-february-2013-pdf.html 
  10. dar-digest-january-2013-pdf.html 
  11. dar-digest-december-2012-pdf.html 
  12.  darr-digest-november-2012-pdf.html
  13. dar-digest-october-2012-pdf.html 
  14. dar-digest-september-2012-pdf.html
  15. darr-digest-july-2012-pdf.html
  16. dar-digest-june-2012-pdf.html
  17. dar-digest-may-2012-pdf.html
  18. dar-digest-april-2012-pdf.html
  19. Dar-digest-january-2012-pdf.html
  1. haya-digest-november-2013-pdf.html
  2. haya-digest-september-2013-pdf.html
  3. haya-digest-august-2013-pdf.html
  4. haya-digest-july-2013-pdf.html
  5. haya-digest-june-2013-pdf.html
  6. haya-digest-may-2013-pdf.html
  7. haya-digest-april-2013-pdf.html
  8. haya-digest-march-2013-pdf.html
  9. haya-digest-feburary-2013-pdf.html 
  10. haya-digest-december-2012-pdf.html 
  11. haya-digest-november-2012-pdf.html 
  12. hayaa-digest-october-2012-pdf.html 
  13. Haya-digest-january-2012-pdf.html
  1. hina-digest-november-2013-pdf.html
  2. hina-digest-october-2013-pdf.html
  3. hina-digest-september-2013-pdf.html
  4. hina-digest-august-20007-pdf.html
  5. hina-digest-july-2013-pdf.html
  6. hina-digest-may-2007-pdf.html
  7. hina-digest-june-2013-pdf.html
  8. hina-digest-may-2013-pdf.html
  9. hina-digest-april-2013-pdf.html
  10. hina-digest-march-2013-pdf.html
  11. hina-digest-feburary-2013-pdf.html 
  12. hina-digest-january-2013-pdf.html 
  13. hina-digest-december-2012-pdf.html 
  14. hina-digest-november-2012-pdf.html 
  15. hina-digest-october-2012-pdf.html 
  16. hina-digest-september-2012-pdf.html
  17. hina-digest-august-2012-pdf.html
  18. hina-digest-july-2012-pdf.html
  19. hina-digest-june-2012-pdf.html
  20. hina-digest-may-2012-pdf.html
  21. hina-digest-april-2012-pdf.html
  22. hina-digest-march-2012-pdf.html
  23. Hina-digest-february-2012-pdf.html
  24. Hina-digest-january-2012-pdf.html
  25. Hina-digest-december-2011-pdf.html
  26. Hina-digest-november-2011-pdf.html
  27. Hina-digest-october-2011-pdf.html
  28. Hina-digest-september-2011-pdf.html
  29. Hina-digest-august-2011-pdf.html
  30. Hina-digest-july-2011-pdf.html
  31. Hina-digest-june-2011pdf.html
  32. Hina-digest-may-2011.html
  33. Hina-digest-april-2011.html
  34. Hina-digest-march-2011pdf.html
  35. Hina-digest-feb-2011.html
  36. Hina-digest-january-2011-pdf.html
  37. Hina-digest-march-2010pdf.html
  38. Hina-digest-december-2009-pdf.html
  39. Hina-digest-november-2009-pdf.html
  40. Hina-digest-october-2009-pdf.html
  1. imran-digest-november-2013-pdf.html
  2. imran-digest-october-2013-pdf.html
  3. imran-digest-september-2013-pdf.html
  4. imran-digest-august-2013-pdf.html
  5. imran-digest-july-2013-pdf.html
  6. imran-digest-march-2013-pdf.html
  7. imran-digest-january-2013-pdf.html 
  8. imran-digest-october-2012-pdf.html 
  9. imran-digest-september-2012-pdf.html 
  10. imran-digest-july-2012-pdf.html
  11. imran-digest-april-2012-pdf.html
  12. Imran-digest-february-2012-pdf.html
  13. Imran-digest-january-2012-pdf.html
  1. jasoosi-digest-november-2013-pdf.html
  2. jasoosi-digest-october-2013-pdf.html
  3. jasoosi-digest-september-2013-pdf.html
  4. jasoosi-digest-augst-2013-pdf.html
  5. jasoosi-digest-july-2013-pdf.html
  6. jasoosi-digest-june-2013-pdf.html
  7. jasoosi-digest-may-2013-pdf.html
  8. jasoosi-digest-april-2013-pdf.html
  9. jasoosi-digest-march-2013-pdf.html
  10. jasoosi-digest-february-2013-pdf.html 
  11. jasoosi-digest-january-2013-pdf.html 
  12. jasoosi-digest-december-2012-pdf.html 
  13. jasoosi-digest-november-2012-pdf.html 
  14. jasoosi-digest-november-2012-pdf.html 
  15. jasoosi-digest-october-2012-pdf.html 
  16. jasoosi-digest-september-2012-pdf.html
  17. jasoosi-digest-august-2012-pdf.html
  18. jasoosi-digest-july-2012-pdf.html
  19. jasoosi-digest-june-2012-pdf.html
  20. jasoosi-digest-may-2012-pdf.html
  21. jasoosi-digest-april-2012-pdf.html
  22. jasoosi-digest-march-2012-pdf.html 
  23. Jasoosi-digest-february-2012-pdf.html
  24. Jasoosi-digest-january-2012-pdf.html
  25. Jasoosi-digest-december-2011-pdf.html
  26. Jasoosi-digest-november-2011-pdf.html
  27. Jasoosi-digest-october-2011-pdf.html
  28. Jasoosi-digest-september-2011-pdf.html
  29. Jasoosi-digest-august-2011-pdf.html
  30. Jasoosi-digest-july-2011-pdf.html
  31. Jasoosi-digest-june-2011pdf.html
  32. Jasoosi-digest-may-2011.html
  33. Jasoosi-digest-april-2011.html
  34. Jasoosi-digest-march-2011.html
  35. Jasoosi-digest-feb-2011.html
  1. khaufnak-digest-november-2013-pdf.html
  2. khofnak-digest-august-2013-pdf.html
  3. khofnak-digest-july-2013-pdf.html
  4. khaufnak-digest-may-2013-pdf.html
  5. khaufnak-digest-march-2013-pdf.html
  6. khaufnak-digest-february-2013-pdf.html 
  7. khofnak-digest-january-2013-pdf.html 
  8. khaufnak-digest-december-2012-pdf.html 
  9. khaufnak-digest-september-2012-pdf.html
  10. khaufnak-digest-may-2012-pdf.html
  11. khaufnak-digest-april-2012-pdf.html
  12. khaufnak-digest-january-2012-pdf.html
    1. khawateen-digest-november-2013-pdf.html
    2. khawateen-digest-october-2013-pdf.html
    3. khawateen-digest-september-2013-pdf.html
    4. khawateen-digest-july-2013-pdf.html
    5. khawateen-digest-july-2013-pdf.html
    6. khawateen-digest-june-2013-pdf.html
    7. khawateen-digest-may-2013-pdf.html
    8. khawateen-digest-april-2013-pdf.html
    9. khawateen-digest-march-2013-pdf.html
    10. khawateen-digest-february-2013-pdf.html 
    11. khawateen-digest-january-2013-pdf.html 
    12. khawateen-digest-december-2012-pdf.html 
    13. khawateen-digest-november-2012-pdf.html 
    14. khawateen-digest-october-2012-pdf.html 
    15. khawateen-digest-september-2012-pdf.html
    16. khawateen-digest-august-2012-pdf.html
    17. khawateen-digest-july-2012-pdf.html
    18. khawateen-digest-june-2012-pdf.html
    19. khawateen-digest-may-2012-pdf.html
    20. khawateen-digest-april-2012-pdf.html
    21. khawateen-digest-march-2012-pdf.html
    22. khawateen-digest-february-2012-pdf.html
    23. khawateen-digest-january-2012-pdf.html
    24. khawateen-digest-december-2011-pdf.html 
    25. khawateen-digest-november-2011pdf.html 
    26. khawateen-digest-october-2011-pdf.html 
    27. khawateen-digest-september-2011-pdf.html 
    28. khawateen-digest-august-2011-pdf.html 
    29. khawateen-digest-july-2011-pdf.html 
    30. khawateen-digest-june-2011pdf.html 
    31. khawateen-digest-may-2011pdf.html 
    32. khawateen-digest-april-2011pdf.html 
    33. khawateen-digest-march-2011.html 
    34. khawteen-digest-feb-2011.html 
    35. khawateen-digest-january-2011.html 
    36. khawateen-digest-december-2010-pdf.html 
    37. khawateen-digest-november-2010-pdf.html 
    38. khawateen-digest-october-2010-pdf.html 
    39. khawateen-digest-september-2010-pdf.html 
    40. khawateen-digest-august-2010-pdf.html 
    41. khawateen-digest-july-2010-pdf.html 
    42. khawateen-digest-june-2010-pdf.html 
    43. khawateen-digest-may-2010-pdf.html 
    44. khawateen-digest-april-2010-pdf.html 
    45. khawateen-digest-march-2010-pdf.html 
    46. khawateen-digest-feburary-2010-pdf.html 
    47. khawateen-digest-january-2010-pdf.html 
    48. khawateen-digest-december-2009-pdf.html 
    49. khawateen-digest-november-2009-pdf.html 
    50. khawateen-digest-october-2009-pdf.html 
    51. khawateen-digest-september-2009-pdf.html 
    52. khawateen-digest-julay-2009-pdf.html 
    53. khawateen-digest-june-2009-pdf.html 
    54. khawateen-digest-may-2009-pdf.html 
    55. khawateen-digest-april-2009-pdf.html 
    56. khawateen-digest-march-2009-pdf.html 
    57. khawateen-digest-february-2009-pdf.html 
    58. khawateen-digest-january-2009-pdf.html 
    59. khawateen-digest-december-2008-pdf.html 
    60. khawateen-digest-november-2008-pdf.html 
    61. khawateen-digest-april-october-pdf.html 
    62. khawateen-digest-september-2008-pdf.html 
    63. khawateen-digest-august-2008-pdf.html 
    64. khawateen-digest-july-2008-pdf.html 
    65. khawateen-digest-june-2008-pdf.html 
    66. khawateen-digest-may-2008-pdf.html 
    67. khawateen-digest-april-2008-pdf.html 
    68. khawateen-digest-march-2008-pdf.html 
    69. khawateen-digest-february-2008-pdf.html 
    70.  khawateen-digest-january-2008.html
    71. khawateen-digest-september-1998-pdf.html 
    72. khawateen-digest-january-1982-pdf.html
    1. kiran-digest-november-2013-pdf.html
    2. kiran-digest-october-2013-pdf.html
    3. kiran-digest-september-2013-pdf.html
    4. kiran-digest-august-2013-pdf.html
    5. kiran-digest-july-2013-pdf.html
    6. kiran-digest-june-2013-pdf.html
    7. kiran-digest-may-2013-pdf.html
    8. kiran-digest-april-2013-pdf.html
    9. kiran-digest-march-2013-pdf.html
    10. kiran-digest-february-2013-pdf.html 
    11. kiran-digest-january-2013-pdf.html 
    12. kiran-digest-december-2012-pdf.html 
    13. kiran-digest-november-2012-pdf.html 
    14. kiran-digest-october-2012-pdf.html 
    15. kiran-digest-september-2012-pdf.html
    16. kiran-digest-august-2012-pdf.html
    17. kiran-digest-july-2012-pdf.html
    18. kiran-digest-june-2012-pdf.html
    19. kiran-digest-may-2012-pdf.html
    20. kiran-digest-april-2012-pdf.html
    21. kiran-digest-march-2012-pdf.html
    22. kiran-digest-february-2012-pdf.html
    23. kiran-digest-january-2012-pdf.html
    24. kiran-digest-december-2011-pdf.html
    25. kiran-digest-november-2011-pdf.html
    26. kiran-digest-october-2011-pdf.html
    27. kiran-digest-september-2011-pdf.html
    28. kiran-digest-august-2011-pdf.html
    29. kiran-digest-july-2011-pdf.html
    30. kiran-digest-june-2011pdf.html
    31. kiran-digest-may-2011pdf.html
    32. kiran-digest-april-2011.html
    33. kiran-digest-march-2011.html
    34. kiran-digest-feb-2011.html
    35. kiran-digest-november-1999-pdf.html
    36. kiran-digest-january-1999-pdf.html
    37. kiran-digest-january-1996-pdf.html
    38. Kiran Digest January 1997 pdf.
    39. Kiran Digest January 1999 pdf
    40. Kiran Digest October 2000 pdf
    41. Kiran Digest April 2009 pdf
    42. Kiran Digest November 2000 pdf
    43. Kiran Digest December 2000 pdf
    44. Kiran digest april 2001 pdf
    45. Kiran Digest June 2008 pdf
    46. Kiran Digest June 2007 pdf
    47. Kiran digest July 2000 pdf
    1. Naey Ufaq Digest November 2013
    2. Naey Ufaq Digest October 2013 pdf
    3. Naey Ufaq Digest August 2013 pdf
    4. Naey Ufaq Digest July 2013 pdf
    5. Naey Ufaq Digest June 2013 pdf
    6. Naey Ufaq Digest May 2013 pdf
    7. Naey Ufaq Digest April 2013 pdf
    8. naey-ufaq-digest-march-2013-pdf.html 
    9. naey-ufaq-digest-feburary-2013-pdf.html 
    10. naey-ufaq-digest-january-2013-pdf.html 
    11. naey-ufaq-digest-december-2012-pdf.html 
    12. naey-ufaq-digest-november-2012-pdf.html 
    13. naey-ufaq-digest-october-2012-pdf.html 
    14. naey-ufaq-digest-september-2012-pdf.html 
    15. naey-ufaq-digest-september-2012-pdf.html 
    16. naye-ufaq-digest-august-2012-pdf.html
    17. naye-ufaq-digest-july-2012-pdf.html
    18. naye-ufaq-digest-june-2012-pdf.html
    19. naye-ufaq-digest-may-2012-pdf.html
    20. naye-ufaq-digest-march-2012-pdf.html 
    21. Naye-ufaq-digest-february-2012-pdf.html
    22. Naye-ufaq-digest-january-2012-pdf.html
    23. Naye-ufaq-digest-december-2011-pdf.html
    24. Naye-ufaq-digest-november-2011-pdf.html
    25. Naye-ufaq-digest-april-2011.html
    26. Naye-ufaq-digest-march-2011.html
    27. Naye-ufaq-digest-feb-2011.html
    1. Pakeeza Digest November 2013 pdf
    2. Pakeeza Digest October 2013 pdf
    3. Pakeeza Didest September 2013 pdf
    4. Pakeezah Digest August 2013 pdf
    5. Pakeeza Digest July 2013 pdf
    6. Pakeeza Digest June 2013 pdf
    7. Pakeeza Digest May 2013 pdf
    8. Pakeeza Digest April 2013 pdf
    9. Pakeeza Digest March 2013 pdf
    10. pakeezah-digest-february-2013-pdf.html 
    11. pakeezah-digest-january-2013-pdf.html 
    12. pakeeza-digest-december-2012-pdf.html 
    13. pakeezah-digest-november-2012-pdf.html 
    14. pakeezah-digest-octoober-2012-pdf.html 
    15. pakeezah-digest-september-2012-pdf.html
    16. pakeeza-digest-august-2012-pdf.html
    17. pakeezah-digest-july-2012-pdf.html
    18. pakeeza-digest-june-2012-pdf.html
    19. pakeezah-digest-may-2012-pdf.html
    20. pakeeza-digest-april-2012-pdf.html
    21. Pakeeza-digest-march-2012-pdf.html 
    22. Pakeeza-digest-february-2012-pdf.html
    23. Pakeeza-digest-january-2012-pdf.html
    24. Pakeeza-digest-december-2011-pdf.html
    25. Pakeeza-digest-november-2011-pdf.html
    26. Pakeezah-digest-october-2011-pdf.html
    27. Pakeezah-digest-september-2011-pdf.html
    28. Pakeeza-digest-august-2011-pdf.html
    29. Pakeeza-digest-july-2011pdf.html
    30. Pakeeza-digest-june-2011pdf.html
    31. Pakeeza-digest-may-2011.html
    32. Pakeeza-digest-april-2011pdf.html
    33. Pakeeza-digest-march-2011.html
    34. Pakeezah-digest-feb-2011.html
    35. Pakeeza-digest-august-1999-pdf.html
    36. Pakeeza-digest-februrary-1999-pdf.html
    37. Pakeeza-digest-jaugust-1974-pdf.html
    1. Masalah food magazine november 2013 pdf
    2. Bawarchi khana november 2013 pdf
    3. Dalda ka dasterkhwan november 2013 pdf
    4. Dasterkhwan november 2013 pdf
    5. Bawarchi khana october 2013 pdf
    6. Kitchen magazine october 2013 pdf
    7. Masalah food magazine october 2013 pdf
    8. Bawarchi khana september 2013 pdf
    9. Kitchen magazine september 2013 pdf
    10. Masalah Tv food magazine september 2013 pdf
    11. Daster khwan magazine september 2013 pdf
    12. Dalda ka dasterkhwan September 2013 pdf
    13. Kitchen magazine august 2013 pdf
    14. Masalah Tv Food Magazine august 2013 pdf
    15. Bawarchi khana august 2013 pdf
    16. Daster khwan august 2013 pdf
    17. Dalda ka dasterkhwan august 2013 pdf
    18. Kiran Kitab july 2013 pdf
    19. Kitchen magazine july 2013 pdf
    20. Masalah Tv Food Magazine july 2013 pdf
    21. Daster khwan june 2013 pdf
    22. Bawarchi khana june 2013 pdf
    23. Kitchen june 2013 pdf
    24. Dalda ka daster khwan june 2013 pdf
    25. Masalah tv food june 2013 pdf
    26. Bawarchi khana may 2013 pdf
    27. Dalda ka dasterkhwan april 2013 pdf
    28. Daster khwan april 2013 pdf
    29. Kitchen magazine april 2013 pdf
    30. Daster khwan march 2013 pdf
    31. Bawarchi khana March 2013 pdf
    32. Kitchen March 2013
    33. Dalda ka daterkhawan March 2013 pdf
    34. bawarchi-khana-feburary-2013-pdf.html 
    35. dasterkhwan-february-2013-pdf.html 
    36. masalah-tv-food-magazine-feburary-2013.html 
    37. dalda-ka-dasterkhwan-feburary-2013-pdf.html 
    38. kitchen-january-2013-pdf.html 
    39. bawarchi-khana-january-2013-pdf.html 
    40. masaleha-tv-food-magazine-january-2013.html 
    41. dalda-ka-dasterkhwan-january-2013-pdf.html 
    42. dalda-ka-dasterkhwan-january-2013-pdf.html 
    43. dasterkhwan-january-2013-pdf.html 
    44. masaleha-tv-food-magazine-december-2012.html 
    45. bawarchi-khana-december-2012-pdf.html 
    46. kitchen-december-2012-pdf.html 
    47. dasterkhwan-december-2012-pdf.html 
    48. dalda-ka-dasterkhwan-december-2012-pdf.html 
    49. masalah-tv-food-magazine-november-2012.html 
    50. bawarchi-khana-november-2012-pdf.html 
    51. kitchen-november-2012-pdf.html 
    52. dasterkhwan-novemberf-2012-pdf.html 
    53. dalda-ka-dastarkhwan-november-2012-pdf.html 
    54. kitchen-october-2012-pdf.html 
    55. masala-tv-food-magazine-october-2012-pdf.html 
    56. dastarkhwan-october-2012-pdf.html 
    57. dalda-ka-daster-khwan-october-2012-pdf.html 
    58. kitchen-september-2012-pdf.html 
    59. bawarchi-khana-september-2012-pdf.html 
    60. masalha-tv-food-magazine-september-2012.html 
    61. dasterkhawan-september-2012-pdf.html 
    62. dalda-ka-daster-khawan-september-2012.html
    63. bawarchi-khana-august-2012-pdf.html
    64. masalha-tv-food-magazine-august-2012.html
    65. bawarchi-khana-july-2012-pdf.html
    66. dalda-ka-dasterkhawan-august-2012-pdf.html
    67. kiran-kitab-july-2012-pdf.html
    68. kitchen-magazine-july-2012-pdf.html
    69. masalha-tv-food-magazine-july-2012-pdf.html
    70. dasterkhawan-magazine-july-2012-pdf.html
    71. kitchen-magazine-march-2012-pdf.html
    72. dasterkhawan-march-2012-pdf.html
    73. dasterkhawan-february-2012-pdf.html
    74. dalda-ka-dasterkhawan-july-2012-pdf.html
    75. bawarchi-khana-magazine-june-2012-pdf.html
    76. dasterkhawan-magazine-june-2012-pdf.html
    77. masalha-tv-food-magazine-june-2012-pdf.html
    78. kitchen-magazine-june-2012-pdf.html
    79. dalda-ka-daster-khawan-june-2012-pdf.html
    80. masalah-tv-food-magazine-may-2012-pdf.html
    81. masalah-tv-food-magazine-april-2012-pdf.html
    82. dasterkhawan-may-2012-pdf.html
    83. dalda-ka-dastarkhawan-may-2012-pdf.html
    84. kitchen-magazine-april-2012-pdf.html
    85. dasterkhawan-magazine-april-2012-pdf.html
    86. dalda-ka-daster-khawan-april-2012-pdf.html
    87. bawarchi-khana-magazine-march-2012-pdf.html
    88. bawarchi-khana-magazine-february-2012.html
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    90. kiran-pakwan-march-2012-pdf.html
    91. dalda-ka-dasterkhawan-march-2012-pdf.html
    92. masala-tv-food-magazine-february-2012.html
    93. masala-tv-food-magazine-january-2012.html
    94. dalda-ka-dasterkhawan-february-2012-pdf.html
    95. dalda-ka-daster-khawan-january-2012pdf.html
    96. masala-tv-food-magazine-deember-2011.html
    97. dasterkhawan-december-2011-pdf.html
    98. masala-tv-food-magazine-november-2011.html
    99. dasterkhawan-november-2011-pdf.html
    100. dalda-ka-dastarkhawan-september-2010.html

    1. rida-digest-november-2012-pdf.html 
    2. rida-digest-octoober-2012-pdf.html 
    3. rida-digest-september-2012-pdf.html
    4. rida-digest-august-2012-pdf.html
    5. rida-digest-july-2012-pdf.html
    6. rida-digest-june-2012-pdf.html
    7. rida-digest-may-2012-pdf.html
    8. rida-digest-april-2012-pdf.html
    9. Rida-digest-march-2012-pdf.html 
    10. Rida-digest-february-2012-pdf.html
    11. Rida-digest-january-2012-pdf.html
    12. Rida-digest-december-2011-pdf.html 
    13. Rida-digest-november-2011-pdf.html 
    14. Rida-digest-october-2011-pdf.html 
    15. Rida-digest-september-2011-pdf.html 
    16. Rida-digest-august-2011-pdf.html 
    17. Rida-digest-july-2011-pdf.html 
    18. Rida-digest-june-2011-pdf.html 
    19. Rida-digest-may-2011-pdf.html 
    20. Rida-digest-april-2011-pdf.html 
    21. Rida-digest-march-2011-pdf.html 
    22. Rida-digest-february-2011-pdf.html 
    23. Rida-digest-january-2011-pdf.html 
    24. Rida-digest-december-2010-pdf.html 
    25. Rida-digest-november-2010-pdf.html 
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    27. Rida digest september 2010 pdf
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    29. Rida-digest-july-2010-pdf.html 
    30. Rida-digest-june-2010-pdf.html 
    31. Rida-digest-may-2010-pdf.html 
    32. Rida-digest-april-2010-pdf.html 
    33. Rida-digest-march-2010-pdf.html 
    34. Rida-digest-february-2010-pdf.html 
    35. Rida-digest-january-2010-pdf.html 
    36. Rida-digest-december-2009-pdf.html 
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    38. Rida-digest-september-2009-pdf.html
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    40. Rida-digest-june-2009-pdf.html
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    44.  Rida digest december 2008 pdf
    45. Rida-digest-november-2008-pdf.html 
    46.  Rida-digest-september-2008-pdf.html
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    1. Shuaa digest november 2013 pdf
    2. Shuaa digest october 2013 pdf
    3. Shuaa digest september 2013 pdf
    4. Shuaa digest august 2013 pdf
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              1. plz upload Is kara e mohabat main by Rukh Chuadary published in Kawateen digest in 1997 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

                1. aaghi k baad by fozia yasmeen published in kiran fabrare 2008 plz up load it

                2. hi rida digest kyu ni aty new

              2. can u plz upload dosheeza digest as well plz,plz,plz

                1. Assalamualaikum,

                  Sorry to interrupt in between.

                  Long back I have a read a novel, sorry I do not remember novel name or even hero/heroine's name. But I remember it's story. It was awesome. Dialogues are excellent.

                  Hero is bit arrogant but heroine is gentle. They fall in love. Though she loves him but does not respect him because everyone doubts his character. Initially heroine's brother refuses to marry his sister to the hero but latter agrees. Suddenly, hero disappears few days before the marriage and comes back with a little girl. Everyone assumes that the girl is his daughter even the heroine as well. But it turn out that the girl is heroine brother's daughter from his second wife. Who has died and there is no one to take care of the little girl. Heroine's brother had secretly struck a deal with hero that he would only allow his sister to marry him when hero bring the little girl as his daughter.

                  I hope that people here would help me find the novel

                2. When we find any clue about your story we will share with you.

              3. plz upload Shuaa digest of June 1996.

                1. ap ko yeh complete digest he chahe ya kisi khas novel ki talash hay ap ko is digest me

              4. Can u please upload novel dil ke raste dushwar bhout by salwa ali

                1. http://famousurdunovels.blogspot.com/2012/09/dil-ke-raste-dushwar-boht-they-novel-by.html

              5. Can u please upload a novel I dont remember the name but its about friendship and character r ali sana and rabia

              6. ap plz is novel k bare me kuch to btaen na author name digest about some story ?

                1. Story hai sana and rabia r frnds ali sana ko like karta hai but sana ki shadi kahi or hojati hai to rabia ali ko pasand karne lagti hai

              7. Dear,

                Can you send me novel detail. I don't know the name but below information i have. This novel is monthly coming in sarguzasht digest 2008 or 2009 )I think before sarab.

                Main characters Name : Shah Jaha, Safder, Essa Jan, Shankar,
                Digest Name : Sarguzasht Digest 2008 or 2009
                Story : Some treasure, adventure, Love and action (They also visit africa, India and gulf.

                Kind Regards


                2. can u plz send me details of a novel
                  i dont remember the name
                  but do remember the characters
                  Main character: aezad hamdani, farhad, shireen i forgot the main heroin name too
                  so can u plz tell me :(
                  i wanna read that novel again bt cant remember its name
                  story is heroin is a bold confident girl who helps her cousin shireen who falls in love with his 2nd cousin farhad
                  and heroin got arrange marriage then eventually falls in love with the hero bt hero had to get married again in US where his boss was admitted who asked him to marry her daughter
                  there were other characters too bt i completely forgot the name and details :(

              8. Dear,

                Can you send me novel detail. I don't know the name but below information i have. This novel is monthly coming in sarguzasht digest 2008 or 2009 )I think before sarab.


                Main characters Name : Shah Jaha, Safder, Essa Jan, Shankar,
                Digest Name : Sarguzasht Digest 2008 or 2009
                Story : Some treasure, adventure, Love and action (They also visit africa, India and gulf.

                Kind Regards

                1. It was Tawan by Tahir Javed Mughal
                  u can download it from here
                  DOWNLOAD LINK

              9. can you plzzzz downloud shua daigest 2012 december. For novel ''aik nayee sindreela''

              10. imran bhaii can u plzz upload the novels os sundus jabeen and nadia ameen....:) koi specific nahii hai jo aap ko mil jayee vahii upload kar dein...:) thnxxx

                1. thnk u imran bhaii but mein ye dono novels parh chuki hun..ager is k ilwa hun tou poxt kar dein plzzzzzz....:) our plzzz 2013 jan k khawateen our hina digests poxt kar dein thnxx...:)

              11. Plz February1996 ka kiran digest upload ker dain shukria.

              12. plz update novel list
                it didnt update from las year

              13. aoa plz plz sab se pehla khawateen and shuaa upload ke dien and amar bail by umera ahmed plz plz plz plz

                1. kon se khawateen and shuaa plz month and year mention kren ap
                  Amar bail is link se download kr len ap

              14. can u upload kiran digest of november 2008 plz?

              15. aoa, bhai main ny kal b request bhaiji the k novel shaid jis ka naam qurb o guraiz k darmian tha year to confirm 1998 tha but month shaid september ya november tha .2 ya 3 episode me tha .character yad ni hy but story me jo larki hoti hy us k parents r ek bhai air crash me mar jaty hain r us larki ki sara khandan pakistan me hota hy .us k shaid taya usy apny ghr lay aty hain .jo episode main ny pari the us ka end yahan hoa tha k wo rat k wqt ghtnon me sar day k ro rahi hoti hy r usy apny pas qadmon ki chap rukti hoi sunai daiti hay r wo sar utha k daikhti hy .ic jga bad baqi ainda likha hoa tha r us k bad mjy phr ye story ni mili.bhai plz ic story ka naam,, digest ka naam, r month bta dain r isy plz plz upload b kar dain

              16. Please Sarguzashat k 2007 2008 aur 2009 k digest upload kar deein....mujey SARAAB ki pichli qisteein parhni hain....2010 sae onward to sab digest mil gaiye hain lakin is se pehley k nahi mil rahey..agar kissi ko bhi pata he to link share kar deein plaese....

              17. kindly plz upload Rida digest 4rm dec 2012 to april 2013. plzzzzzzzzzzzz

              18. pls tell the name of the novel about a person named WASI who is forced to marry his step brother's fiancee. Step brothers name was Waji

                1. bhool bhaliyan teri galiyan

              19. pls tell the name of the novel about a person named WASI who is forced to marry his step brother's fiancee. Step brothers name was Wali. The father forced wali in order to keep his beloved son Wali's fiancee in his houseas Wali was going abroad.later Wali started loving his mankuha.

                1. i m also searching for this novel.......
                  can anyone just name it plzzzzzzzz
                  I m dying to read it ........

                2. dil ke mausam by maryam aziz

                3. ya september 2007 shuaa digest ma hai
                  aur plz ap kiran 2004 ka digst upload kr sakta hai us ki kahani hti hai k larki ki maa dosri shadi ker lati hai magar larki ko wo pasand nai hta us ka step bro usa pasand krta hai magar wo aik yateem khana kai owner ko pasand krti hai pla isa upload krda ma 3 4 saalo sa isa dond rai ho

              20. 1 request hai, m 1 novel padhi thi lekin us m ek do kirdar ka naam mujhe pata hai or novel ka naam mujhe nahi pata hai.
                (hero ko heroine ka naam lene m diqqat hoti hai to wo use driya kehta hai or wo ladki hero ki 1st wife hoti hai, 2 kidar mejor ramiz hai mujhe is novel k bare m ziyada pata nahi hai plz agar aap ko samjh agaya hai ki m koun si novel k bare bata rahi hu to plz upload kar de.pleeeeeeeez

                1. Itne information kisi novel ko search karney k leay bhot kam hai. But phir bhi mein ap ka novel talash karon ga. Jesy hi mila INSHAALLAH post ho jaey ga.

                2. novel name was taloo e sehar hai sham e mohabbat by nayab jillani

              21. can u upload kiran digest of feb 1996
                na a novel kabhe ishaq ho to pata chalay this novel is published in rida digest..........plz upload both of these as soon as possible thnxxxxxxx

              22. plzzz plzzz plzzz feb 1996 ka kiran digest or ye novel zaror upload krna kbhe ishaq ho to pata chalay plzzz bro

              23. plz.tel.me.the name of novel which hero name aun and girl live in his house as apaying guest published in a digest

              24. plz.tel.me.the name of novel which hero name aun and girl.and her friend live in his house as paying guest published in a digest.

              25. i don't remember the digest even novel name...but i remember the main characters name DURAID BAKHT & UMAMA or UMAIMA...plz can anyone tell me the name of story and in which digest it was published....???

                1. Sorry for late reply. Jesy hi es novel ki kuch info mili INSHAALLAH post ho jaey ga.

                2. i also want this novel name.

                  the story was duraid girl ko uski mehndi waly din kidnapp ker leta hy. apna badla leny k liye .phir chor jata hy .but girl ki shadi khatam hojati hy . duraid larki k father ka student bhi hota hy .usy baad me pata chalta hy k wo larki us k professor ki beti ha . then wo us se shadi kerta hy .... larki ko shadi k baad pata chalta hy or wo phir us se nafrat kerny lagti hy phir at the end wo bhi us se payar kerny lagti hy ..

                3. i also want this novel plz jldi upload karen

              26. Plz upload kiran digest july 2000

              27. Sorry for late reply. Ap ka digest INSHAALLAH kal post ho jaey ga. So keep waiting:)

              28. Novel "kante bhi lagte hain gulab " by saira kashish Jo shuaa digest Dec 2006 me aya tha upload kar dain plx

              29. Hi,
                Can you please upload novel¨silvatein¨by Samira Fazal?

                1. ap plz is ki kuch details bta den k kis digest me kb post hoa tha to INSHALLAH jaldi post ho jaey ga

              30. I m requesting for the same novel that has requested earlier......
                novel 2 episodes mein publish hua tha story wasi aur us k bhai wali ki hey wasi ki shady us k bhai ki fiancé say ho jaaty hey and then he fall in love with her........
                plz plz plz I wanna read this novel
                plz help e out

              31. slam
                i am fauzia kauser

                i wana publish my novel in digest how can i do this guide me
                allah app ko asanian dy or assanian bantny ka sharf atta farmay ameen
                ashfaq ahmed

                1. ap apna novel khawateen digest walon ko bhej den agr un k mahyar pr poora utra to woh post kr den ge or ap ko inform b kr den ge
                  address ap ko ksi b khawateen digest pr mil jaey ga un ka

              32. salam how r u plzzzzzzz koi sarguszasht k ye 2 novel upload krdy 1.qaidi 2.muqadar plzzzzz

              33. Assalamualekum
                imran bhai, aap se 1 req hai.... Kya aap indian digest jese Pakeeza aanchal, Huma, Mahakta aanchal, Khoobsurat andaz ya unme shaya hone wale novels ko apne blog mai shamil kr skte hai....

                1. wa alikum aslaam,
                  hum in digests k novels shamil kar rahe hain recently
                  8 to 10 novels post huey hain. asia mirza, nighat abdullah,larab momin, and nabhia naqvi ki novel list check kar lain aap :)
                  or ager aap koi novel post karwana chati hain to humen images beajh dian hum post kar dain gay.

              34. aoa.kya ap nasir malik ka novel musafir ka link btaein gay plz jo suspense mein a raha ha plzzzzzzzzzzzz.

              35. sorry jnb yeh filhal available ni hay is k leay kuch time lag jaey ga post krne me

              36. sir sadaf ejaz hain un ka aik novel aya tha 1st episode the hina july 2006 mein. wo novel upload kr dijiye plz

              37. ap nabeela ibrar raja ka novel do inch ke chori upload krskty ha plzplz plzzzzz

              38. plzzzzz sadaf ejaz ka novel

              39. mjhy aik novel kaname aur writer name puchna hai....novel mei larki ka naam Komal hota hai...oski aik larky si shadi hoti hai mgr wo larka next day he osko divorce dy dyta hai...phr oos larki ki shadi ooos larky k bhai sy ho jati hai....bhai os larki yani komal sy chota hota hai aur oska naam shaed Farhan hota hai....phr achanak wo phly wala larka wapis aajata hai....mainy is novel ki 1st episode perhi hai 2nd and the last episode perhni hai...please is novel ka name bta dain.....

              40. kiran digest feb 1996 or march 1996 upload kr den plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

              41. 2006.2007 ka sarguzasht digest upload karo aap ke bare meherbane ho ge

              42. Plzzzzz uplode novil "muhabat humsafar meri" by anila kiran...publish in 2003 july kiran digest


              44. asalamalikum,please mausam gungunatay hai novel by fozia gazal upload kar day.thankyou

              45. Please mujhe kiran digest april 2006 se ya novel faasle aur chahtein by shagufta bhatti ka download link bta dein please

                1. Free online download novel (novel name and writer name)likh k download kr ly.

              46. salam imran bhai plz 2010 ke sarguzashts upload kar den ya koi link de den plz jahan se down load kie ja saken, plz plz plz plz plz pl plz plz

              47. salam imran bhai plz 2010 september k sarguzashts upload kar den ya koi link de den plz jahan se down load kie ja saken, plz plz plz plz plz pl plz plz

              48. salam imran bhai plz 2010 september k sarguzashts upload kar den ya koi link de den plz jahan se down load kie ja saken, plz plz plz plz plz pl plz plz

              49. salam imran bhai plz 2010 september k sarguzashts upload kar den ya koi link de den plz jahan se down load kie ja saken, plz plz plz plz plz pl plz plz

              50. pls up load shua digest of May'1998.

              51. Please upload suspense digest october2013

              52. i want copy of mehkta aanchal for the year 2001

              53. mujhe mehkta anchal me ek story thi jisme character ka naam khijra hayat hota h wo ek office me kaam krti h but waha ka boss usko pareshan krta h but baad me us boss ko usse pyar ho jata h aur wo sudhar jata h wo wali story chahiye plzzz ..

              54. Assalam u Alaikum! Sir plz upload the novel 'mukeed e khak' by zubarya sahir which was mentioned in kiran digest dec.2011 nd continued upto few kiran editions of 2012 ! Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

                1. wa alekum slam
                  ap is link se download kr len agr koi problem ho to feel free to ask again
                  Muqeed e khak by Zobaria Sahir

              55. my dear men ny ek half novelt prha thi ,us novelt men hero ko raat nind naa any ki bemari hoti hy ,ur wo hotels ki chain bnana chahta hy , men ye novelt complete prna chahta hun ,mujy btaen gy ye konsy digest men publish howa tha , mujy itna yaad hy k wo story 2007 k kisi shumary men publish hoi thi

              56. imran bhae mainae bht saal pehlay aek novel parha tha novel name yaad nae na digest yaad per lagta hai wo mainay pakeeza ya khawateen digest mai parha tha... mujhy character name yaad hain baki kuch yaad nae mainay pata nae kaha kaha search karliya per nae mila :( aur i think ye 2005 kay digest mai tha character names thay SHAYYAN SHAH, SUHANA wo apni friend kay bhae ko like karnay lag jati hai aur osko khush karnay kay liye pata nae kiya kiya karti thi bt har baar mayoos ho jati thi in the end oski shadi kahi aur hojati hai aur shayan shah ki behan end mai kehti hai kay tum tou shadi kay baad apni life mai khush ho per mera bhae aaj tak apni married life mai khush nae plz imran bhae ye bht ehsan hoga agar aap meri help karday plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz bhae

                shaanfa baig

              57. Mujhe Nasir malik sahab ki Musafir chaiye thi, Kya aap use upload kar sakte hai?

              58. plz mja kiran april2002 ka dgst chahya

              59. assalam o alaikum plz mja kiran april2002 chahya

              60. Kya aap is navel ka naam bata saktey hai jis ki story u hai........... Mustafa aur saba cousin hote hai saba usse muhabbat kerti hai laikin mustafa uski bahen suman (joapne mama ke sath rahti thi) se shadi kerleta hai saba ranj me apni bahen ke liye baddua kerdeti hai suman ki death hojati hai saba khud ko qusurwar samajhti hai uski shadi safir se hojati hai jo kisi aur ko pasand kerta hai woh saba ko talaq dedeta hai aur..............happy ending

                1. achy novel parrha kr. ye to cheap stories hyn

                2. bin roe aansoo by farhat ishtiyaq

              61. yar koi plxxx ix noval ka bta do bachpan ki yadgaro by sheikh inayatullah

              62. Khawateen digest me aik novel aya tha "kahin tou baad e saba tehray" digest me author ká naam nahi hota tha can you pls upload? Pretty pls

              63. Kahin tou baad e saba tehray iss ke do characters ke naam mujay yaad ka mukaram ali and chandani. Mukaram ko apnai dost ki fianc chandni se pyaar ho jata hai

                1. Dil. E.beqrar by nighat abdullah

              64. please Pakeeza digest september 2000 daal dain ..please

              65. plz upload aatish e shoq by saira arif in pakeeza march 2005

              66. please upload adventure digest from december 2013 till feb 2014. thanks alot you have provided me all types of literature i really thankful to you and your team keep it up

              67. Can you please tell me the name of the author of the action stories that used to be published with a very famous character named Marlene Philip.

              68. Plz mujhe btaen roloka 1st part kon say month main main he darr digest

              69. AOA bhai, mjay aus novel k baray ma jan'na ha jis ma herion apnay adopted bhai (hero) se zid zabardasti se shadi karti ha.. (hero aus ka he cousin hota ha) jo phir naraz ho kar abroad chala jata ha..later on jab wo wapis ata ha tu larki apnay parents ki narazi k bias divorce mangti ha..(parents and family walay aus se is leye naraz hotay hain k aus nay apnay adpoted bhai (cousin) se shadi ki).
                i guess yeh kiran digests ma 2009 ya 2010 ma publish howa tha... nd shayad erion ka naam swera ta..

                1. ap kindly month bhi confirm kar len ta k hamen asani ho novel talash karny mein . thanx.

                2. month ka tu mujay bilkul yaad nae, per i desperately want to read the novel again.. please story se e trace kar lain.. thanking u in anticipation.

                THANKU IN ADVANCE!!

              71. Indian digest Pakistan mein available nhi . but phr b agar novel mil saka to hum post kar den gy.

              72. Plz mujhy us digest ka naam betayen jiski story thi jis ma larki ka naam iman tha jis ki shadi apni coleague ky family friend sy hoti ha jis ka pahly b aik beta hota
                ha his ka naam madni tha plzzzzzzzzz

              73. mje plz ek novel ki talash hai name mje nahi pta or na hi auther ka shyd khawateen ya kiran mai tha hero ka name sabrez hota hai heroin ka palwasha story ye thi ky sabraiz apni phopho ki beti ko pasand karta hai oska name sultana jahan tha sab ose teni kahte hein lakin wo sabraiz ko chor daiti hai ky ye conservative family hai than sabrez ka rishta oski ami oski chacha ki beti se kar daite hein jo os se kafi choti hoti hai sabrez os pe bohat sakhti karta hai sabrez ki behan ka name roshane tha jis baad mai teni ka dewar pasand karta hai lakin oska rishta accept nahi kiya jata baad mai teni ko divorce ho jati hai

              74. Sir koi funny novel ya digest ka name btaye jisme main cherecter aik doosre ke opposite rhte hoon plzzzzzzz

              75. Aoa nighat abdullah ka aik novel his k character chandi nooria hakim han silsalywar novel tha mujhy us ka naam beta dain aur bta dain k yh kitaabi shakal ma a gay ha k nai plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

              76. plz sabrang digest k old shumary upload karin sabrang by shakil adil zada plz i will wait

              77. salam, Bro. menay kafi arsa pehlay 1 story prhi thi wo us story ki 1st epi thi us khani ka name or kirdoron k nam to mujhay yad nhi hen lekin story yad hai us main 1 khtoon ki 4 betian hoti hen 1 beti ki shadi pr us khatoon ki behn aonay betay k sat wahan ati he or shadi k kafi arsay bad tk wahan kayam krti hai or apnay betay ka rishta bhe apni 1 bhanji say kr deti he bad men us ki behn ko pta chalta he k wo log yani lrka or uski maa ab ameer nhi rhay or wo peshawar say panah lene k liye un k pas aye hen to wo rishat khatm kr deti he lekin lrka zbrdsta lrki ko anguthi pehna kr jata he bs 1st epi men itni hi story thi agr ap is story ka nam jan gaye ho to plz link bta den

                1. Agr mj se mohabbat ha by rukhsana nigar adnan

              78. pichle saal ke shua ya khawateen digest mai main ne ek novel parha tha jo handicap buchon ke bare mai tha.mujhe sirf ek character mamoon absar ka nam yad hai baqi koi nam yad nai.kia koi mujhe uss novel aur diest ke detail bata sakta hai...?

              79. Plzzzzz february 1996 ka kiran upload kr dain plz plz ye request ki br ki ha mn ny but no reply?

              80. AOA plz mujhy ek novel ki shiddat sy talash h jis ka nam mujhy yad nai hero ka nam duraid bkhat tha ar us ka nick name sunny tha wo heroine ko kidnap bhi krta larki ky father us ky proffessor hoty hn after kidnaping us ko pta chalta h ky ye un proffesor ki beti h to wo us ko ghar chor dta h ar bad main un ky pas us larki ky liy proposal dta h ar kehta h ky wo us ky bary main sb kuch janta h us larky ki family main bs us ki shaid dado hoti hn ending happy thi

              81. I need a story from Jasoosi Digest of January 2005. It was about a snow leopard (Barfaani Cheeta), written by Marium K. Khan. Kindly look into it!

              82. mujhy is nvel ka nam chahiay jis m larki ka nam Abdara tha r larky ka Abubakar tha phir us pr ilzam lagta ha us kay cuzn ki waja sy r Abubakar mangni sy inkar kar dyta ha plzzzzz koi is novel ka nam bta dy

              83. Asslamu alikum,, Imran Bhai plz upload few more novels by "Ayesha Naz Ali", except Terey ishq me and Dil asreer..

              84. aoa...story ka name bta dy story 4 bro and 1 sis ki hy nmes hy maha nd moiz mughees moid nd muneeb bhaio k names hy aur hero ka name oun hy baki story yad nhe plz name bta dy thnx

              85. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz rply me

              86. Mujhy story ka naam beta dain jis ki story ma aik larky ka naam moáeed hora ha Jo apni dost Zara ko pasand karta ha ltkun us ki shad I parents ki marzi sy ujllah nam ki lark I sy ho jati ha WO b any dost affaq ko pas and kart I ha end ma affaq Ku shad I Zara sy ho jati ha ye story 2006 ya2007 k kisi digest m shaya hoi this plzz ho saky to jaldi reply karna

              87. Please anyone tell me how i publish and apply for my writings in digest?

                1. kisi b digest ko chk krain wahn unhn ny posting adress dya hoga udr ap post kr dain apni writing

              88. I want to write for any digest, i working on novels. Please anyone suggest me one digest for writing and publish my work. contact at tajawan1@yahoo.com

              89. Plz mujhy story ka naam beta dain jis ma aik larki. Hoti ha us my 3bahi hoty han WO larki university ma parti ha wohen WO aik larky s takra jati ha jis par larki us larky ko dantti ha Phr WO larki us larky ko pasand karny lgti ha us larky ka naam Shiraz hota ha larki. ko baad ma pata chalta ha k WO larka us ka faincy hota ha

              90. Koi b novel upload kasy kia jata ha mjy btay plz

              91. Plz mujhy story ka naam betayen larkI ka naam isma raheel zaidi aur larky r ka naam Shiraz hota ha larkI sy sheeshy ki cheezen boh at totti han larkI aur larka aik h university ma party han aur aik dosry ky mangeter b hoty han lykin dono ko pata nai hota ka WO mangni shuda han larky ki mother nai hoti WO apny father k saith akila rehta ha

              92. Plzzzz hina febrary2010 upload kar dain

              93. Mai aik novel doond ri hu jus ma heroine apny uncle k gar rhti ha us ka father usy chorr k khein chala gya hota ha phr WO kafi arsy bad bati ko ly jata ha jhan WO apni2nd wife and bachon k sth rhta ha phr us larki ki shadi shahneel se ho jati ha Jo k us ki step mother ka phla bata hota ha .plz agr ksi ko pta ha is novel ka to zroor btay.

              94. there was a novel published in late 90s which tells a story of a "thug",i think heroine name was "mehwish"

              95. Pleas up load pakeeza digast June 1983 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

              96. plz muje story ka naam aur uske writer ka naam bata de jisme hero ka naam mon hota hai heroine ka naam nhi pta..usme heroine padhai k liye dusre sheher jati hai.. ...jaha hero ki bhabhi heroine aur uski frnd ko apne ghar as a paying guest rkhti h..hero k bhanje ka naam Aon hota h...

              97. assalam o alaikum..i am searching for a novel in which girl named sujata..i did not remember the novel name bas itna yaad hai..if u can help me in searching this novel i shall b very thankful to you...i think this story was posted in aanchal digest

              98. i searching novel whose character is rameen and tariq ahmed shah.hero of novel is sp. i dnt remeber novel name. if anybody have this plz upload this.

              99. plz 1996 feb or march ki kiran digest upload kr dein ya memoona khursheed ali ka novel DIL KI CHOKHAT PAR upload kr dein hr jgha dya hai lekin aap log rply tou krein plz

                1. hm bht dfa rply kr chuky hn icka 1 episode missing h uska digest nai ml rha jsy hi mla post ho jaye ga inshallah

              100. Asalaam o alaikum sir/maam
                im in search for a novel first episode publish hue thy.4 bhai hotay hero sabse bara bhai hota hai army main posting kisi doosray city main hoty hai.chotay do bhaiyon ka naam zohaib aur shayad zubair hota hai aba proffessor hotay hain aur ek daadaa jj bhi hotay hain.ek larkI zohaib aur zubair ko ghar kay bahar pareshaan haalat main milty hai jisse wo log sara bhabhi (un dekhi jo us din aanay wali hoty hai) ghar le aatay hain wo larki inki sara bhabhi ban kr rehnay lagty aur inka ghar sambhalty hai.ahista ahista in sab ki favourite ban jaaty hai.
                aanchal digest main story publish hue thy around nov/ dec 2000 ya 2001 main
                author n story name nhin pata
                please please zarur find out kiijyega

                Thank you,
                MAY ALLAH BLESS UPON YOU

                1. Kya ap ko aap ki kahani ka pata chala. Agar ha to mjhe b bata den name, mjhe parni hai.

              101. How may I send msg to imran ali. I want to ask smthng from him about novels

              102. Aoa, imran bhai. Me ne subscription khas tor pe aap se kuch novels k bare me puchne k liye ki hai. Plz mjhe reply krna. Agar aap ko novel na mile to mjhe bata dena, mjhe latka k mat rakhna.
                1 novel tha, kafi purana hai, names to mjhe yad ni lkn story kch aise thi k 1 lrki thi jis k father bachpan me fot ho gae the aur ammi ne logon k kpre si kar apni zaruriyaat puri ki. Maa beti chacha k sath rehte the lkn unka rawayya acha ni tha. Larki k cousins use itna tang karte the k larki ehsas e kamtari me mubtila ho gai thi k wo bohot badsurat hai aur be intiha lambi hai. Larki ki ammi k pata ni kis k sath kapre seenay me taluqat bane the, wo log bohot ache the, unhon ne larki ko apni bahu bana liya. Mehndi wale din larki apni ehsas e kamtari ki waja se bahar ni ati aur apni tabiyat ki kharabi ka bahana bana deti hai. Use lagta hai k wo itni badsurat hai k larka us se apni family ki zabardasti pe shadi kar raha hai. Shadi ki raat larka isko baton me Latta indian singr keh deta hai to ye sochti hai k wo waqai us k jitni badsurat hai? Phir us k bad larka aisa hi shiw karta hai k jaise wo shadi se khush ni aur aisa kuch karta hai k ahista ahista wo apni ehsas e kamtari se nikal ae. Phir wo use apne sath nokri ki waja se 2sre sheher le jata hai jahan bohot had tak uska complex door ho chuka hota hai. 1 din wo dono party me jate hai to wahan dost larke ko cherte hain k ye hai wo larki jis ka tm ne 1 sal intizar kia? Ye bat sun k larki phir khafa hoti hai aur gar ja k husband se kehti hai k agar wo apni pasand ki larki se shadi krna chahte hai to use ijazat hai. Lekin larka use kehta hai k wo tm hi ho jis ka me ne 1 intizar kiya tha. Actually larke ki family ki kisi shadi me larki ne gana gaya hota hai aur larka isko is ki awaaz hi ki waja se pasand karta hai aur Latta bhi isi waja se kehta hai. To bus phir larki samajh jati hai aur khatttam.
                Plz imran bhai, mjhe latka k mat rakhna. Allah Hafiz

                1. Ap kab reply karenge? Me waiting desperately :-)

              103. Aah aap na reply kar dia? Thanku thanku thanku JazakAllah.

              104. Me again :-) imran bhai 1 story chaeye.

                Main characters maida and abbas. Aur maida ki phopho ki beti and abbas ka bhanja. Abbas aur uska bhanja maida or iski czn k nae parosi hai. Maida abbas ko pasand ati hai to wo rishta bhijwata hai lkn un k gar ja k pata chalta hai k wo asal me phopho ki bahu b hai aur uska husband use shadi k agle din talaq ka haq de k 7 saal pehle foreign ja chuka hai. Phopho abbas ka rishta ane pe maida se khti hai k wo aone husband se talaq le le. Aur aisa maida karne hi wali hoti hai k uska husband aa jata hai. Phir b end me phopho apne bete se maida ko divorce dilwa k abbas se uska rishta tay kar deti hai. And happily everafter starts. Aur maida ki czn aur abbas ka bhanja b 1 2sre ko pasand krte hai

                1. Ap ko is kahani ka naam yad nahi araha? Me kuch din wait karun? Ok

                2. talash kr rhe hen jese he pta chala ap ko inform kr den ge stay connected :)

                3. Ye kahani pata nahu ap ko kilegi bhi k nahi :-(. Mjhe ye har surat chaeye. Me waiting :-( :-( :-( :-(

              105. Assalamoalaikum. Imran sahab mjhe ap se 1 kahani ka naam chaeye agar aap bata saken to. Asal me us kahani k hero heroin ka name suhaib aur hania tha par hania k gar paying guest k tor pe rehte hue us ne apne nam taimur bataye tha qk wo apni maa ko qatal karne pakistan aya tha qk uski maa k ksi aur k sath taluqat the aur us ne apne husband ko maar dia tha jis ki waja se use aurton se sakht nafrat thi. Hania ko b bht haqarat se dekhta tha lkn phir use pasand krne laga tan jab hania ko haqiqat ka ilm ho gaya. Aap guess kar sakte hain?

              106. Thanku. May Allah bless u

              107. 1 larka tga yazdan naam tha. Wo hamesha larkyon ko flirt karta aur chor deta. Rehana nami 1 larki ko b chor dia tha to us ne bad dua di k agar wo kisi ko pasand kare to kabhi use na mile. Phir use 1 larki mili pasand aai aur uski mangni kahin aur ho chuki thi. Use rehana ki bad dua yad I. Uska bhai k jis ka 1 car accident me tangen naakara ho gai wo yazdan ko boany keh k bulata hai, use uski girlfrnd ne chor dia hai. Basd me pata chakta hai k wo rehana ki behen ti aur us ne yazdan ka rehana ko dhoka dene ki waja se yazdan k bhai ko chora tha. End acha tha.
                imran bhai aap mjhe is kahani ka naam bata sakte hai?

              108. EID MUBARAK IMRAN BHAI :-) :-) :-)

                1. Kher mubarak :)
                  Ap ko b eid mubarak

                2. Still waiting :-(

              109. Main ik story dhoond rhe hoon his main hero salman or heroin purwa hote hai or hero police main hota hai or purwa criminal ki bate .... Plz mjhy is ka naaam bta dain .......

              110. Salmon purwa sy shadi krta hai us k father ko arrest krny k lye phr us k father ki jail main death ho jate hai phr purwa ko pta lgta hai k us k father criminal thy ......

              111. can you tel me about one novel "imran" bhai jo anchal ka 2008 mein publish huwa tha..Yazdan n sherbano like characters thy..yazdan ki shadi shehrbano sy kr di jati h n yazdan character bhair chala jata h..kindly tel me namE of this novel..

              112. Nice story collection. Do we also have stories from Pakeeza Anchal

              113. Imran bhai 1 kahani ka name poochna hai
                1st scene me ye lrki apne nae parosiyon se milne jati hai to wahan lrka isko shararat se chor khta hai. Larai ho jati hai. Is dorn lrkey k mamu aa k lrke ko dantte hai aur lrki chali jti hai. Next day park me lrki aur lrke k mamu abbas ki dosti ho jti hai aur abbas se milnevpe hamesha larai larke se hoti hai phir 1 dafa larka, abbas, larki aur larki ki czn maida walk pe jate hain to lrka maida k liye rishta bhejne ki bt lrki se krta hai. Wo ghussa ho jti hai qk wo khud ise pasand krti hai. Agle din lrka apni maa ko maida ka rishta lene bhijwata hai lkn abbas k liye js pe lrki shrminda hoti hai. Rishte se inkar hota hai qk maida lrki ki czn hi ni blke bhabhi hti hai js ka husband use shadi k din hi jb kbhi chahe talaq ki ijazat de k chor chuks hta hai. Is k bad lrki ki maa ki tbyt khrb hti ha js me lrka aur abbas inki kafi madad krte hai. Maa maida ka rishta abbas ko de deti hai. Jb takaq lene ka time ata hai to us se pehle hi husband wapas ane ki bt kr deta hai. Js pa maida aur abbas 2no pareshan ho jate hain. Phir maa khud hi aone bete se kehelwa k maida ko azad kr k abbas ko rishta de dya jaya hai.

              114. Imran bhai plzzzzzz salman or purwa wle story ka naam bta dain ...... Kia main wait krun ya ni august k start main main ny pucha tha.....

              115. me stories likhte hun but kbhi publish nae krwa ske i wish ke mere story kse digest me publish ho plz help me n tell me the criteria to publish me own story

              116. Plzzz upload 2nd part of novel " safar raigaan hi toh hai" by ghazala yasir malik....it was published in dosheeeza......

              117. is there any novel similar to faaslay story?

              118. Plz jab aankhen bujhk kr reh gae novel upload.kar din .Jo pakeeza July 2005 m tha


              120. Mjhe khofnak digest chahiye feb 2000 ka and is agay k 6 months

              121. Plz mujhy novel ka nam bata dain jis mein hero ka nam sabraiz khan hota ha aur heroine ka palvasha pehly wo apni phopo ke beti ko pasand karta ha lakin wo us sy shadi nai krti

              122. Mujhy aik novel ka naam chaheye jis mein hero naam adeem hota ha wo heroine k ghr Hammad ban k jata ha WO apni nani ya dadi k sath rehti ha mujhy heroine ka nam nai yaad hero kafi ameer hota ha

              123. Mujhy aik novel ka naam chaheye jis mein hero naam adeem hota ha wo heroine k ghr Hammad ban k jata ha WO apni nani ya dadi k sath rehti ha mujhy heroine ka nam nai yaad hero kafi ameer hota ha

              124. Sir i search jasoosi digest 2004.the story about world war 1 or 2,The group of soldiers survive in desert.can you helpme plz



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