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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Doctor’s based romantic Urdu novels list

The human life is full of contradictions. It can be full of pleasures and sorrows, ups and downs, strength and weakness and health and illness. But the hopeful prospect is that there are noble people who work all their lives for the sake of humanity. Among them, doctors are perhaps most respected for service to the societyThe doctor meets a man at his birth and sees him at the end of his life.
They had traditionally enjoyed a special status in any society so different writers make their stories plot around doctors. In this novels list we are presenting stories about doctor’s life and relations with their family and others. People who love to read stories based on doctor's will enjoy this list. We try our best to include all novels on that topic but if you think some missing stories plz mention their name in comments below.

Doctor’s based romantic Urdu novels list :-

7.   Dil ik shehar e malal by Ateeqa Malik. 

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