FAMOUS URDU NOVELS: Adopted Child Based Romantic Urdu Novels List


Saturday, March 11, 2017

Adopted Child Based Romantic Urdu Novels List

Adoption a child leaves many aspects on people life in different way depending on their role and perspective.
 When a child is adopted, that child moves permanently from one family to another family. Many adopted children face different challenges at different stage of life. They have experiences that are unique to being adopted, which can then have an impact on their feelings and behaviors growing up. It can also leave deep impact on their family too.
We can see many adopted child and their role in our society. Many writers describe adopted child issues and problems in their novels. If you are interested to read that kind of novels this novels list is best for you. We collect all these novels which story plot is based on adopted children. If you like this effort and having knowledge of some other stories based on adopted children plz share them with us and inform us in comments below. 

Adopted Child Based Romantic Urdu Novels List :

10.            Hisar e mohabbat novel by Nabeela Aziz
11.            Laagi tum se lagan by Humera Rubab.
12.            Kuch rang naey hain by Shazia Chaudhry
13.            Ham kahan k sachey they by Umaira Ahmed
16.            Jhali re novel by Rehana Aftab
18.            Bahon ke ghere mein by Huma Jahangir
19.            Ujalon ka safar novel by Saima Bashir
20.            Kuch khwab suhany novel by Humera Ali
21.            Zanjeer tor do novel by Huma Amir
27.            Mujhe hai hukam e azaan by Umme Maryam

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